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Research Interests

The research interests in the Sperling Lab are Earth history and the evolution of life, and the interactions between the biosphere and the geosphere. As such this research can generally be considered paleontology, insofar as paleontology encompasses all aspects of the history of life.

Consequently, we define our research agenda by the questions we are interested in, rather than the tools used. This research incorporates multiple lines of evidence, and multiple tools, to investigate questions in the history of life. These lines of evidence include fossil data, molecular phylogenetics, sedimentary geochemistry, and ecological and physiological data from modern organisms. Ultimately, the goal is to link environmental change with organismal and ecological response through the lens of physiology. This work occurs across multiple time scales, from the ancient rock record to modern global change. Although we are primarily a paleo-focused lab, research on modern environmental change is becoming an increasingly important part of our lab's work.

Stanford Sedimentary Geochemistry and Paleoenvironments Project

The Sedimentary Geochemistry and Paleoenvironments Project (SGP) is an open, community-oriented, database-driven research consortium that seeks to address questions of environmental evolution across Earth history through statistical analyses of the sedimentary geochemical record.

View the Sedimentary Geochemistry and Paleoenvironments Project (SGP)